The Chainsmokers Set Fire to The World in 'Everybody Hates Me': Watch

The Chainsmokers - Everybody Hates Me
Courtesy Photo

The Chainsmokers, "Everybody Hates Me"

Just because you're famous does not mean you're having fun. Pop music is a double-edged sword, and The Chainsmokers are taking those cuts on the chin and spinning them into new hits. 

The duo's latest "Everybody Hates Me" tackles backlash from fans and foes head on. It's not all "Roses" in Drew Taggart and Alex Pall's universe. They just want to drink tequila with their friends, but they can't even check the time on their phones without coming face to face with someone's big-headed opinion about what they do, say and record. They can cry all the way to the bank, but they still have feelings.

The music video is heavy with mood lighting and pyrotechnics. Directed by the duo's good friend and tour photographer Rory Kramer, it keeps up The Chainsmokers' new darker side. It also features drumming by the guys' tour drummer Matt McGuire, who is right ill on his own.

Hop in the pool, throw your middle fingers up, and set a fire so big the haters feel the heat. Or, just watch The Chainsmoker's music video for "Everybody Hates Me" below. Same thing.