Wolfgang Gartner Makes Economic Stimulation Sexy on 'Ching Ching': Listen

Rony Alwin
Wolfgang Gartner

You've heard it before -- you can't take your money to the grave, so spend it, right? (But like, maybe leave enough in the bank for retirement, or something.)

The dance floor is not the CPA office, but Wolfgang Gartner is trying to learn you a think or two about how to handle your wealth. You've got to be smart and save, but also don't be a greedy monster. At least, that's what we gather from the lyrics of "Ching Ching," his latest electro-house jam with lots of classic disco soul. Truly, if you learn nothing about financial stability, you're at least going to groove until the sun comes up.

It features some classic Gartner synth work, though he plays it smooth over a persistent beat as Rush, who fans may remember from the "Devotion" vocal, delivers the feel-good monetary sermon.

"'Ching Ching' started out as an instrumental club track, but the emotional vibe of it inspired me to write a full vocal and bring in my friend Rush to do the vocal performance," Gartner says in an emailed statement. "The end result is a song that musically and vocally expresses something real and raw with a conscious message - “you can’t take it to the grave” - encouraging people to let go of their attachment to material wealth, over a bed of music that brings together my electro-disco-house roots."

"Ching Ching" is out now on ALT:Vision via Casablanca Records. While we encourage you to have some self control with the bank account, you can totally let loose on the dance floor with "Ching Ching" below.