Seven Lions Talks New Record Label, Upcoming Collaborations: Watch

During Miami Music Week at SiriusXM's "House of Chill," Billboard Dance’s Matt Medved chatted with Seven Lions about his recently launched record label Ophelia and upcoming musical collaborations.

Speaking of Ophelia, Seven Lions says that “Calling You Home,” the label’s first release, was “more of like a throwback to old school Seven Lions stuff,” and expresses his excitement about what’s to come from the label.

“I’m excited because I’ve worked with a lot of great labels over the years, and I’ve built a team around me with working with them,” he shares. “Basically, we’re able to do all the stuff that a bigger record label would do but with a smaller team.”

As for what’s coming next from the label, the artist says that the next release will be a collaboration with Jason Ross. “We’ve actually done two tracks together, and it’s coming out really soon,” Seven Lions tells Billboard Dance. “‘Ocean’ is one of the tracks that I’ve been playing out for a while and people have been asking about. And Jonathan Mendelsohn is on the vocals.”

Check out the full video above to hear more from Seven Lions, including which other musical collaborations he has in the works.