Marshmello Discusses How Takeout & His Midnight Studio Session With Anne-Marie Led to 'Friends': Watch

During his recent cover shoot, Marshmello sat down with Billboard to “talk” about his latest track “Friends” as part of the “How It Went Down” video series.

Speaking -- via captions -- of his collaboration with Anne-Marie, the producer explains that at midnight, after a long day of radio interviews, someone suggested to him that he join Anne-Marie in the studio. So he hopped into an Uber, went to the studio and met her for the first time.

“Two years earlier I had remixed her song,” he explains, “so we kind of knew each other, but we had never met in real life.” The two sat down, ordered food, and he began showing her some loops (guitar, piano, synth and drum) and they decided to move forward with a guitar loop.

“Within the next 30 minutes she writes all the lyrics and I produce all the drums,” he continues, adding that they spent two hours tracking vocals and within just three hours, the song was complete.

You can watch Marshmello share more about how he and Anne-Marie created “Friends” in the video above.