Rudy Mancuso on How to Make a Magical Music Video: Watch

Singer and YouTube star Rudy Mancuso, who released a brand new music video for his song “Magic” earlier this month with his girlfriend Maia Mitchell, took some time to share his top five tips for making a magical music video with Billboard.

Mancuso’s first tip? Choose a concept that you’re “in love with” because “if you don’t love it, there’s absolutely no inspiration behind creating something.”

He also emphasizes the importance of having confidence, explaining: “If you believe in your idea, let everybody know that you believe in the idea.”

The singer adds that anyone making a music video needs to find their own magic, stressing that thinking outside of the box is key. “Instead of watching years of other people’s work and trying to emulate what they’ve done…take that and make it your own,” he says. “Draw inspiration and then pull something crazy and make it your own.”

You can check out the rest of Rudy Mancuso’s tips by watching the clip above.