RL Grime Announces New Album, Daya Collab Dropping Friday

Yimmy Yayo
RL Grime

For about a year now, RL Grime has been on a new wave. It started with "Reims" in early 2017, continued with "Wait for It" featuring Miguel, and kept on strong with "Era." Now, his deeper, darker sound has been fully fleshed-out on a forthcoming album, and it's just about ready for release.

Of course, it's not enough to announce a new album. The producer promised a new collaboration with Daya, the same rich voice from The Chainsmokers' hit "Don't Let Me Down," and that drops Friday. It's called "I Wanna Know," and from what we've heard in the teaser filmed on an old-school camcorder, it's gonna hit you right in the feels.

Set your watches for the big drop, and check out these teasers from RL Grime below.

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