Jauz, josh pan & YOOKiE Switch Up The Bass on 'Dinner Chat': Premiere



Take a conversation with your friends out of context, and people are likely to be confused. How did you go from Game of Thrones to world politics to accidentally peeing yourself? Absurdity and ADD is what happens when besties let loose, but by some magic in the moment it all makes sense.

That's the sonic vibe for "Dinner Chat," the three-way collaboration from Jauz, josh pan and YOOKiE that jumps from weird bass house vibes to jock jam brightness to grimy trap-step without ever losing you along the way.

"Working on this track with josh pan and YOOKiE, I knew that it had to be something really left of center," Jauz says in an emailed statement. "I thought it would be really cool to contrast the new-school vocal chops and heavy low-end basslines with some retro rave synths and breakbeats, so that the track is almost like a bridge between the old rave days of the '90s and now."

Taken out of context, this song might not make any sense, but in its rockin' three-and-a-half minutes, it's somehow perfect. It's music for all occasions, as long as the occasion calls for bass, and if there's an occasion that doesn't, you can leave our name off the list.

"Usually we focus on making sounds with synthesizers," YOOKiE says, "but we took a minimalistic approach deriving sounds from samples. Working with josh in the studio was on point from the beginning, and having Sam (Jauz) finish off the track with his magical touch was super dope.”

Just as in real dinner conversations, the magic of the song lies in the friendship behind each note -- which is equally weird, honestly.

"It’s always been my dream to work with Jauz and YOOKiE on a track - not gonna lie," pan says. "My fondest memory of YOOKiE is when Anthony from YOOKiE poured beer into a water bottle full of weed at Shambhala (Festival). From that day on, I could never really smoke weed anymore. On Holy Ship! last year, I had a few equally wild moments with Sam (Jauz), and here we are today. Life is wild.”

Jauz says it's strange collaborations with good friends like this that are exactly what he had in mind to share with the world when starting his label Bite This. "Dinner Chat" will be featured on the label's forthcoming First Bites compilation, alondside other musical oddities that make you wanna shake your ass. For now, get involved with "Dinner Chat" below, and if it leads you to make strange life decisions, you know who to blame.

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