Test Your Gender Bias With Honey Dijon, Smirnoff & Spotify's Equalizer: Exclusive

Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon

So you call yourself a feminist, but what do your streaming habits say?

In 2017, ten out of the top ten streaming artists on Spotify were men, even in the face of tremendous success by female artists like Cardi B, Camila Cabello, and Taylor Swift. That's slightly horrifying, but since March is International Women's Month, Smirnoff has teamed with Spotify and Chicago-bred, NYC-based DJ and producer Honey Dijon to level the playing field.

Enter the Equalizer, a web-based platform that links to your Spotify account and analyses the percentage of music you listen to created by men versus women. Maybe 40 percent of your listening is to female artists already, but maybe it's closer to zero. The Smirnoff Equalizer then gives you the chance to create a more balanced playlist and generates said playlist based on your personal listening habits.

"I just think its really great when you have... corporations like Spotify and Smirnoff that are becoming more aware of the lack of inclusively of women," Honey Dijon says in a promotion video on the website. "I think giving those people those voices and the chance to be seen and heard is what's going to make the difference. I think what's most important about this is to have the visibility to alow people to feel that they can do this, and that their gender wont restrict them from being a part of it. Music is better when everyone is involved."

The Smirnoff Equalizer launches with Spotify and Honey Dijon at the top of the month, and will continue to celebrate equality for all female-identifying creators, until the world has found the balance it deserves. See where your listening habits stand by playing with the Smirnoff Equalizer online, and get to know the initiative better in the video below.

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