SLANDER Build a Solid Groove on Heartbreak Anthem 'Happy Now': Listen

Koury Angelo


You know SLANDER as a bass slingin' duo with hard edges and clean production, but everyone has a hidden softer side and a breakup anthem is the best way to bring it out. Enter "Happy Now," SLANDER's latest tune to showcase the softer side of the duo's musical abilities while conjuring a solid groove.

If this is what breaking up sounds like, sign us up. Don't worry about SLANDER, either. The guys said this song has been 2 years in the making, so any anguish has surely passed by now and been replaced with the joy of releasing such a killer tune. With emotional hardship comes growth, and "Happy Now" is definitely a level up for these dudes.

"Happy Now" is out everywhere on Monstercat. Check it out below.

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