Don Diablo Talks 'Future' LP, Self-Sabotage & '80s Vocal Dream Collabs: Watch

Don Diablo is riding high right now, making his way through the United States on a sold-out tour in support of his new album Future. It's a humbling experience, as he explained to Matt Medved during a recent stop at the Billboard Dance headquarters in New York City, because this album represents his most personal work to date.

Indeed, it features a lot of cool collabs, but it also features Diablo himself on the mic, singing about things that are true to his own trials and tribulations.

"I wanted to do a couple of records that were even more personal," he tells Medved in the interview below. "I cant be making a song about going to the club or doing girlie stuff this had to be an album that came from within. I know that's logical for most people watching or listening butI think with dance music sometimes it gets a little bit less personal."

Diablo also opened up about his earlier days as a ghost producer and how he came to terms with his own solo career. Surprisingly, he didn't always envision himself an internationally touring DJ and producer.

"When I started this I always tried to destroy my career as hard as I could," he says. "Just spend all my money on a grossly-expensive music video or just do stuff where I thought nobody is going to like this and then boom it exploded again ... I never really wantd to make musci becaus this indusry can get quite aggressive and Im a very emotional guy so sometimes my soul gets crushed and I wasnt to runaway form this but now we are this far im in this, wht keeps me sane is the fact that I can produce and codirect music videos tha i can work o other projects or wokr on film music or make a nice jacket."

He answers some fan questions via Facebook, listing off some of his dream vocal collaborators. He's got a thing for '80s icons Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Tom Waits. Of course, he would love to learn from greats like Flume and Daft Punk. To learn more about Diablo and his exciting plans, watch the full FB Live interview below.