Wolfgang Gartner & K?D Bring Late-'00s Electro Back on 'Banshee': Listen

Eddie Diaz
Wolfgang and K?d

There's just nothing like classic late-'00s electro. It's gritty, it's raw, it's majestic, and it demands that you sweat yourself into violent, awe-struck oblivion. It's the perfect blend of punk, heavy metal and disco, and it's very sad that it ever had to end -- or does it?

Wolfgang Gartner is a hero of that scene. His edgy, glitched-out synth runs helped invent the "complextro" subgenre, and while he's evolved sonically and artistically since his early days reworking symphonic classics, fans have always held his early electro works in high regard. Count up-and-comer K?D among them, and then say thank you, because the new collaboration from Gartner and K?D brings you right back to the molten dance floors of 2008 to 2010.

"K?D finally convinced me to revisit the gritty distorted electro sound that I made my name with a decade ago, and I'm glad he did," Gartner says in a press release. "This collaboration ended up being the perfect throwback to a sound that deserves a second round, with the added vision of the new generation in the form of K?D's contribution. This project actually sparked a series of songs in this same vein that I'm looking forward to unleashing on the unsuspecting masses."

First of all, it's called "Banshee," which is one of the most late-'00s electro song titles we've heard this side of Justice's †. "Banshee" is about as rowdy, too, hearkening back in some ways to Gartner's deadmau5 collaboration "Animal Rights." It's all gnarly bass lines and haunting choral voices on top of a kickin' beat. It'll light the fire in your soul.

"Wolfgang Gartner has been a huge inspiration of mine since I started listening to dance music," K?D says. "When the opportunity came to work together we wanted to bring my sound with Wolfgang's trademark sound and bring electro back to the forefront."

"Banshee" is out now on ICONS music, distributed by Avicii's label PRMD. Listen to it and get your rocks off below.