Michael Brun Urges the World to Give Love in Celebratory 'Bayo' Video: Watch

Michael Brun ft. Strong G, Baky & J. Perry "BAYO"
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Michael Brun ft. Strong G, Baky & J. Perry "BAYO"

If anyone has learned to smile and find love in the face of adversity, it's the people of Haiti. It's a nation built by slaves who took their own power back, and it's one that continues to fight against an outside world that would rather make its story one of negativity and helplessness than one of strength, pride and resilience. 

Michael Brun and the other young artists of today's Haiti are working to once again take Haiti's power into their own hands. The celebrated producer spent 2017 transitioning his sound from one of standard electronic music to a beautiful blend of traditional Haitian influence and modern sensibility. He introduced his new style with singles "Wherever I Go" and "Gaya," and today, he builds on the direction with "Bayo," a tropical, warm dance song featuring local MCs and musicians.

“We are writing our own Haitian anthems," Brun recently wrote in an op-ed published here in Billboard Dance. "These are the voices. That will be heard by the next generation of Haitians, and these sounds will define Haiti to the rest of the world in years to come,”

"Bayo" in Haitian Creole means "to give," and it also represents the mindset of Brun and his peers. The song features fellow Haitians Strong G, Baky and J. Perry, and the video prominently showcases the beauty of the island and its people. The song is out now on Brun's own Kid Coconut label. Watch the vibrant, celebratory music video for "Bayo" below.


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