3LAU's 'Ultraviolent' LP Burns Bright And Upbeat, Helps Fight Cancer: Listen

Shervin Lainez

Shining synths, sweeping soundscapes, hard-hitting beats and dreamy vocals. 3LAU's latest album Ultraviolet is bold and sweet, a beautiful offering built from all this. Its 11 tracks shimmer like neon moonlight on the face of some glowing water, and it wants to be your soundtrack to optimistic days, mischievous nights and youthful abandon.

The Las Vegas-based producer delivered a real crisp LP. After putting the finishing touches in the studio, he tweeted that he "made it for us, for when we’re lost, and when we don't care to be found."

It's definitely got a sense of adventure. Fan were introduced to it by the synth-laden soulfulness of lead single "On My Own," featuring vocals from Nevve. The album hits big highs and raw moments. It opens with grandness on the title track and works through emotional valleys on "Fire" with Said The Sky and NÉONHÈART. Even when it's soft, it comes with a kick, and it's got quite a few purely electronic moments with "Arcana," "Winter" and "Star Crossed."

"I wanted the album to capture euphoric and nostalgic musical elements, while maintaining an organic texture," 3LAU says in an emailed statement, exclusive to Billboard Dance. "It was difficult to create synergy between real instrumentation / composition and electronic production techniques, but I feel like I finally achieved it when I completed the album. Overall, the album is meant to inspire and give hope to those who feel lost, and I felt I could best achieve that by appealing to a variety of genres and styles, mixing familiar sounds with surprising ones."

The making of the album was a true testament to serrendipity.

"A lot of these songs happened by accident," he says. "Both 'Worlds Away' and 'Close' were written in my home studio in Vegas when both singers (Emma Hewitt and Oly) happened to be in my neighborhood. I truly believe that the best kind of creativity is spontaneous creativity."

Of course, 3LAU released Ultraviolet on his not-for-profit label BLUME, and for every dollar earned on the streaming of the album, he'll make a donation to F-Cancer, a group that has dedicated itself to educating and spreading awareness for early cancer detection and prevention as well as providing cancer fighters with enriching and encouraging experiences.

You can help in that fight by listening to Ultraviolet here, and of course, look out for 3LAU in support of the album on his current nationwide tour, for which you'll find a full list of dates below.

"It feels pretty wild," 3LAU says. "The whole album has taken over one-and-a-half years to complete, and I didn't wanna rush the process because I wanted to album to feel cohesive and continuous from start to finish. Just from the initial commentary, I'm insanely excited to read positive feedback from fans, who've accepted this pretty big transition for me musically. I'm even more excited for everyone to see what we have planned for the tour."

3LAU Ultraviolet Tour
February 16th Atlanta, GA Opera Nightclub
February 17th New York, NY Terminal 5
February 22nd New Orleans, LA Republic
February 23rd Philadelphia, PA NOTO
February 24th Washington, DC Echostage
March 2nd San Francisco, CA Regency
March 3rd Los Angeles, CA Belasco Theater
March 10th Seattle, WA SODO
March 15th Buffalo, NY Venu
March 16th Toronto, CA Uniun Nightclub
March 17th Montreal, CA New City Gas
April 6th Denver, CO Fillmore
April 7th Las Vegas, NV Brooklyn Bowl
April 13th Boston, MA The Grand
April 14th Saint Louis, MO Ryse Nightclub
April 19th Salt Lake City, UT Sky SLC
April 20th Houston, TX Spire
April 21st Dallas, TX Lizard Lounge
April 27th Portland, OR Roseland