Diplo Puts D.R.A.M. in the Desert for Drippy 'Look Back' Video: Watch

Alexei Hay

You can't look back in this life if you want to be happy, healthy and successful. Looking back only brings hesitation and pain. It's a concept mythologized by the Greeks in the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, and by the Bible in the story of Lot and his wife, and now, it's mythologized in a drippy desert scene by Diplo and his buddy big baby D.R.A.M.

"Look Back" is a trippy, down-tempo beat full of organs, strings and a shining guitar. D.R.A.M. plays soulful over its hard drums, really belting out that he won't be caught looking back for anyone, because he's too busy looking forward. It's cool and funky, and definitely a turn from the bright pop tropicality of Diplo's recent work with Justin Bieber or Major Lazer.

The video is cool, set in a red and purple world, directed by Brandon Dermer. "Look Back" is the first official release from Diplo's forthcoming EP California, his first solo release since 2013's Revolution. California doesn't have a release date yet, but you can watch "Look Back" below.