Alesso & KO:YU's Remix of Anitta's 'Vai Malandra' Gets Wild Video With 3 Dancing Farmers: Watch

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Anitta, "Vai Malandra" (Alesso & KO:YU Remix) with Anwar Jibawi

Watch out for the Devil's lettuce. It'll make you do wild stuff -- and we don't mean weed. We mean whatever it is these three loco farmers bit into that had them twerking off tractors, rippin' their shirts off and dancing around in piles of hay.

So it goes in the wild video for Alesso and Ko:Yu's pumped-up remix of Brazilian singer Anitta's "Vai Malandra" with Anwar Jibawi. The dudes eventually make their way to the club. Seriously, there's got to be something other than calcium in that jar of milk.

Stay tuned for the wild dance-off. For sure you haven't seen anything quite like it. Watch the official video for the "Vai Malandra" remix below, and please, remember to farm responsibly.