The Presets Prep New Album 'HI VIZ,' Share Music Video For '14U+14ME': Watch

The Presets
Ben Sullivan

The Presets

The Presets are no ordinary producers; their journey has taken them where no electronic act has gone before. Way back in 2008, the Sydney duo won ARIA Awards for best band and best album for their chart-topping sophomore set Apocalypso, becoming the first electronic act to win the Aussie industry's big prizes.  

The followup, 2012’s Pacifica, saw Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes explore their songwriting talents. The album started at No. 3 on the national chart and graced sales surveys on both sides of the Atlantic. A fourth album, HI VIZ, is due sometime later this year and will feature an all-star cast. It’ll feature the digital earworm “Do What You Want,” which dropped late last year, and the new track “14U+14ME,” which arrived Thursday. 

The new number has energy to burn and a filthy synth that should remind fans of the Apocalypso-era classic “My People.” “14U+14ME” is accompanied with a new video, created by New York production company Georgia and described by Hamilton as "a cataclysmic, freak-out.” It’s all in there, from toy giraffes toppling down stairs, retro ‘90s looks and shouty actors.

In a statement, Hamilton gave an update on the forthcoming album. which he reports is an “acid-soaked circle jerk of rave nuggets, cyber croons and pub techno, made with the help of our trusty friends Alison Wonderland, DMA's, Jake Shears, Shane Parsons (DZ Deathrays), Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), Rromarin, Fritz Helder… and…. hell, you get the idea - a whole stack of rad humans. Way too many to mention here.” 

Check out the video for “14U+14ME” below.