10 Songs About Rivers

dzubanovska/Getty Images

Life is a long and winding adventure. It ebbs and flows, builds and falls. At times, it is rough, at others, calm and peaceful. Life, in a lot of ways, is like a river.

Why wouldn't artists be inspired by majestic rivers big and small? With so many features, rivers can be brought to life in so many different soundscapes. Meditate on the natural beauty of your favorite river, and listen to these songs about rivers below.

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SebastiAn – "Hudson River"

An intro is as good a place as any to start, and this intro track from French producer SebastiAn's epic debut LP Total captures all the grandeur of flying into New York City, speeding low across the glittering waters of its famous Bay. This is for all the awe a river can inspire.

Thomas Jack – "Rivers"

An acoustic guitar draws us waist-deep into the beautiful, cool waters of Thomas Jack's "Rivers," a stand-alone single from 2015 that keeps his tropical sound bright while heavy with a certain romantic acoustic folk quality. It's the great outdoors in all its serenity and spacious beauty.

Sebastian Ingrosso – "Dark River"

We take it down a couple notches and dive deeper under the water with Sebatian Ingrosso's "Dark River." This is a song about rivers when they overwhelm you, and yet, if you stand up straight, you'll find there is always hope and a friendly face standing by to pull you out into the light.

Lykke Li – "I Follow Rivers" (Magician Remix)

This is actually a remix of a song about a river, and it's an absolute dance floor classic. It was damn near impossible to avoid when The Magician released this gem of a tune in 2010. We're still dancing to it today, and you're damn right we'll follow this river wherever it may roam.

Sidney Samson – "Riverside"

This right here is a bonafide electro classic. Sidney Samson smashed this one. As soon as you hear those cascading synths, you know what time it is. It's a song good enough for hanging out by the "Riverside," but you will feel the overwhelming urge to canonball into that bitch the moment the drop hits. You have been warned.

Booka Shade – "Many Rivers"

Here's another intro for ya, a more peaceful, luxurious way to wade into the river. Booka Shade is a hero in the electronic scene, and he creates a soundscape that builds softly into funky turns and jazzy rhythms until you find yourself being swept away by the current of a real cool groove.

Six60 - "Rivers"

Sometimes, rivers are playful and pretty, relaxing and romantic. This tune from Six60 is the feel you'd have if you listened to Drake on a shoreside date with the stars overhead. It's a real dank tune, and it has exactly what you need to flow on into the sunset, stress free and full  of fun.

Sons of Maria – "Where the Rivers Flow"

This river song from Sons of Maria is a real stick-to-your-ribs jam that bridges the gap between folk rock and electronic dance floor favorites. It's got everything you need in a pop tune, plus some tropical elements to bring this river party to its apex. The vocal is 100 percent soul food, too.

Naden – "Rivers"

Bliss out with this space-age trance rhythm. If you breath its aura in deep enough, it may just align your chakras, and you don't even have to get off the dance floor. It's a stunning piece of mood just longer than four minutes, and it twists and turns like a happy little river through verdant alien plains.

La Reve – "Calm Rivers"

Now is the time to totally let go. Trust that the river will guide you to a sacred place of healing. La Reve conjurs the spirit of rivers with the sound of flowing water and some haunting chords. It it absolutely breathtaking and instantly relaxing. Follow this river song wherever it leads.