deadmau5 Debuts Original Theme for Twitch Gamer Dr. Disrespect: Listen

John Davisson/Invision/AP
Deadmau5 performs duringĀ Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park onĀ March 29, 2014 in Miami.

Everyone knows deadmau5 is a big nerd. He loves the internet, he's a total meme-lord, and he's always streaming his production sessions via Twitch. You know who else streams on Twitch? Gamers, and some of them are obnoxiously popular.

One such being is Dr. Disrespect, a man with a strong mustache who recently took two months away from the platform to deal with his crumbling marriage, but who has now returned triumphantly to rule the digital airwaves.

As Kanye West once said, every hero (or anti-hero) needs his theme music, and Dr. Disrespect now has one of the illest intros ever recorded thanks to his buddy deadmau5. "Speed, Violence, Vomentum.wav" is a five-minute, '80s dark wave synth dream. It makes you want to throw on a worn-in leather jacket, put your shades on at night and kill the competition. It's definitely a killer anthem, and we hope deadmau5 starts working it into his sets soon.

Speaking of new music from deadmau5, his new album is supposedly coming soon. He said it would drop in the early part of 2018. Fingers crossed it's right around the corner, but for now, sink your teeth into some retro-future goodness below.