Jennifer Lopez Drops Skrillex & Poo Bear-Produced New Single 'Us': Listen

Skrillex has proven himself a pop-producer superstar. His work with Justin Bieber opened the flood gates to a load of great collaborations, and it's made a real tag-team of he and Bieber writer Poo Bear. The two came together for their charming duet "Would You Ever?" and now, they're back with a Latin beat fit for Jennifer Lopez.

"Us" can be traced back to an Instagram post of J. Lo in the studio with Skrillex and Poo Bear in March of last year. It sounds a lot like Skrillex and Poo Bear's previous work, using similar vocal pitch techniques to create counter melodies and a cartoonishly-joyous hook. The singer then teased the song on stage during a performance in January. She even said there would be a remix of "Calvin," which most assuredly means Calvin Harris

This tune has the island warmth you need to get through the rest of winter. J. Lo is headlining the Super Saturday Night show in Minneapolis ahead of the Super Bowl Saturday (Feb. 3), so look out for a live debut of the song soon.

Listen to "Us" below.