Armin van Buuren DJs Upside-Down in Custom Circular DJ Booth: Watch

Rahi Rezvani
Armin van Buuren

Tommy Lee stunned the world when he played drums for Motley Crue upside down, but it doesn't take a drummer to do a death-defying feat: Armin van Buuren is the first DJ we've ever heard of to take the DJ booth concept and put it entirely on its head.

The trance icon debuted his latest production setup, a custom booth wherein he can be strapped and spun around in any manner of directions. It's a full 360 tilt, which means that he is definitely up there mixing while the blood rushes to his head. He doesn't even have to use his hands!

His fans in Amsterdam got the first taste, but it seems like it's something he's going to bring on tour with him in the months to come. Check it out for yourself in the video diary about the whole insane process below.