Illenium's 'Crawl Outta Love' Video Is the Lushest Thing You'll See All Day: Watch

Illenium ft. Annika Wells, "Crawl Outta Love"
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Illenium ft. Annika Wells, "Crawl Outta Love"

Falling in love is easy, and finding that the warm glow has turned cold and dead is one of life's most painful realizations. Too bad it's also one of the best inspirations for quality art, and Illenium channels the desperation of a broken relationship into gloriously uplifting melodies on his latest single "Crawl Outta Love."

Annika Wells sings the breakup ballad, and her words come to life in the most metaphorical sense in the official music video. We watch as a young woman and a cloaked figure slowly separate. The sky above them, once bright and full of sun, covers with dark clouds as waves crash around the jagged cliffs they wander. It's not so much a linear narrative. The viewer is essentially left to fill in their own gaps, but there is a roaring phoenix, which we can all agree is a cool edition to any visual media.

"Crawl Outta Love" comes from Illenium's second studio album Awake. It offers a more triumphant and organic sound, and when the producer toured the LP, he brought it to life with live guitars and drums, joined by a couple of his best mates to create a sort of electronic band. Look out for him bringing that live show to a few festivals throughout 2018, and watch the lush, fantastical clip for "Crawl Outta Love" below, exclusive on Billboard Dance