Fyre Festival Ticket Buyers Report Strange Burning Man Scam

Burning Man
Debra Reid/AP/REX/Shutterstock

The sun rises behind a wood and neon statue, the center piece of the 2002 annual Burning Man festival north of Gerlach, Nev.

It hasn't been a year since Fyre Festival infamously burned ticket buyers with a disastrous island experience, but those signed up to its mailing list are still feeling the heat. A company called NYC VIP Access has been sending dubious email blasts with scammy event opportunities to anyone who signed up for Fyre Fest information, and the latest scheme is reportedly bogus Burning Man tickets.

According to Vice News, a 20-year-old man from California named Frank Tribble has been offering up supposed "pre-sale" tickets to The Playa for $325, which would be a sweet discount from the real Burning Man's $425 price tag, but the official organizers of the desert event say there are no second-party sellers nor sponsorship deals with outside companies to sell tickets before they go on sale to those who have made profiles on the official Burning Man website on Wednesday, Jan. 31, at noon ET.

This apparently isn't new to those poor Fyre Festival list-serve recipients who've yet to unsubscribe. First, they were led to a foodless, music-free wasteland when they thought they were going to a Ja Rule-sanctioned good time. Since, they've been tempted with faux offers to meet Ed Sheeran, have dinner with LeBron James and other strange special treatments, all of which Vice says can be traced back to Tribble. They've got copies of the original offer email and had some shady conversations with the guy. Check it out on Vice Newsand for real info on Burning Man 2018, visit the real website.

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