Classixx, Kisses & Superhumanoids Side-Trio Mt. Si Stuns on '911': Exclusive

Mt Si
Anne Rivera

Mt Si

"Alarming" might be the last word that comes to mind when drifting to the sweet soft-disco of "911," the latest from Mt. Si, a collaboration between Classixx man Michael David, Kisses' Jesse Kivel, and Superhumanoids singer Sarah Chernoff.

With "911" in your ears, you're more likely to think about yachts full of cocktails drifting into the sunset, or silk sheets and insinuations of love under diffused lights. It's like champagne tickling the back of your tongue, and yet, according to Mt. Si, it's the product of some harsh realness.

"It was an emergency, a panic," the trio says in a joint statement. "We all woke up realizing that our lives had changed forever. We had gone back in time, back to the first synthesizer, the first photograph. We wanted to make something timeless, something original, 1 of 1."

The urgency comes through in some fat bass synths, but for the most part, we're down to ride this sucker into the early morn. Good thing it's the first taste of a two-song EP, set for release Friday, Feb. 16, on Cascine records.

"'911' and 'Annie' are two songs about anxiety and desperation in a lonely world," Mt. Si continues. "We long for simpler times, a time when it took 7 seconds to take a photograph. You breathe in, hold, and exhale, which is what we did while making this music."

If you, too, are feeling overwhelmed by modernity, we suggest giving "911" a good hard listen below.