Above & Beyond Climb French Alps For Breathtaking 'Always' Video: Watch

Above & Beyond
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Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond may be one of the most majestic acts in electronic history. It's as if the trio exists simply to astound and emotionally overwhelm, and it's no different on the group's latest single "Always," the final teaser before the release of sixth-studio album Common Ground Friday, Jan. 26.

"Always" is a slow, piano-driven ballad led by frequent vocal collaborator Zoë Johnston. As she did on classic A&B tracks "Love Is Not Enough," "Good For Me" and others, she sings your heart's secrets into timeless gold. It's a happy tune with a melancholic melody, a hushed moment of pure elation that will certainly become a teary-eyed favorite in A&B sets to come.

The video matches the weighty glory of the song with a maddening music video that couldn't have been easy to film. Above & Beyond and their friend Johnston climbed to the top of some mountain in the French Alps for breathtaking performance shots. You can see the ice settling onto their hair -- talk about going all out for your art.

Above & Beyond will hit the road the day before Common Ground's release. Tickets for the tour are on sale now, and a CD copy of the LP comes with every ticket sold. Check the full track list for the album, as well as the full list of tour dates and the incredible music video for "Always" below.

Above & Beyond Common Ground Tracklist
1. "The Inconsistency Principle"
2. My Own Hymn feat. Zoë Johnston
3. Northern Soul feat. Richard Bedford
4. Naked feat. Justine Suissa
5. Sahara Love feat. Zoë Johnston
6. Happiness Amplified feat. Richard Bedford
7. Is It Love? (1001)
8. Cold Feet feat. Justine Suissa
9. Tightrope feat. Marty Longstaff
10. Alright Now feat. Justine Suissa
11. Bittersweet And Blue feat. Richard Bedford
12. Always feat. Zoë Johnston
13. Common Ground