10 Dance Songs About Waking Up

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Ah, morning time. You either love it or hate it. Of course, if you're a dance music fan, the likelihood that you're a night owl is heavy. You may have a hard time waking up at 8, 7 or 6 a.m. when you've been dancing until 2, 3, or 4 in the morning. Hey, work is a real thing, and so are house chores, errands, meetings and all manner of wildness that society still dictates happen in diurnal time schemes.

If you're looking for a solid way to wake up, we suggest one of these 10 fabulously motivating, energizing and groovy dance songs. Whether you need to be bludgeoned in the head with bass or sweetly sung to, there's something that will definitely get you carpe-ing those diems in no time. Hey, keep these in a proper rotation on your phone alarm, and you'll really see your morning take off.

So, what are you waiting for? Peep our list of 10 dance songs about waking up in the morning below.

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Salva – “Wake Ups”

If you're looking for something smooth and funky with as much wonk in its step as you when you make that first stumble toward the bathroom, Salva's “Wake Up” is definitely the move. It's energizing, too. You'll be bobbin' your head all the way to the coffee maker with this one.

Avicii – “Wake Me Up”

Everyone knows this cool country take on dance floor dynamite. We cant promise your alarm will only go off whenever “it's all over,” but we can say this chipper melody will help turn you away from those dreamy pillows.

Crywolf – “Wake [E bow]”

The soft strings of this romantic intro will wake you into a pleasant and thoughtful headspace. The beat kicks in with just enough gusto to get you up and at 'em. Crywolf has the kind of calming voice that's easy on the ears in the am, too.

The Chainsmokers – “Wake Up Alone” Feat. Jhene Aiko

Whether or not you've got someone warm laying beside you, The Chainsmokers and Jhene Aiko are here to welcome the sun's rays into your bleary eyes. Fair warning: if you're still staggering by the time the beat leans, you might be a goner.

Petit Biscuit – “Wake Up” Feat. Bipolar Sunshine, Cautious Clay

How about some verbal cues to motivate your morning? Cautious Clay lays down silky smooth vocals, and his “you gotta wake up” line is exactly how we want to be roused. This laidback beat is sweet like sugar in your teacup, too.

Kayzo, Riot – “Wake Up”

Alright, it's time to get that blood pumping. This monster stomper from Kayzo and Riot actually starts easy enough, but by the one-minute mark, things are definitely heated. Set your alarm right with the drop if you want military-style barking action.

Chrome Sparks – “Wake”

How about a bit of the old bleep bloops to get you inspired? The future is yesterday, and Chrome Sparks' “Wake” is the Black Mirror soundtrack your breakfast deserves. Just when you think you've got this tune figured out, it switches the style. It's like two alarms in one.

Steve Aoki & Sydney Samson – “Wake Up Call”

Woah! Okay! We hear you, alarm clock. There's no way you're going to sleep through this screamfest. Must love electronic noise to appreciate this absolute heater. Even if you find this kind of stuff annoying, it'll definitely get you on the alert.

DROELOE – “Wake The Warrior”

Is that your phone ringing? Actually, it's just the sneaky intro to DROELOE's slick snooze-button buster “Wake The Warrior.” The drums on this one are like the beat of a new day's heart. The song is all upward motion with beautiful organic touches, and you'll be all the way up, too.

Hardwell – “Wake Up Call”

Your scheduled “Wake Up Call” is right on time with a colorful synth line that soon gives way to its bigger, brighter, fatter sibling. By the time this song really gets going, you'll be jumping up and down, jutting your hands to the ceiling, wondering how you got to this festival field in the first place.