Drum'n'Bass DJ Mistabishi Dropped From Hospital Records After Racist Tweets

DJ Hands
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U.K.-based drum'n'bass DJ/producer Mistabishi recently took to Twitter to show his support for President Donald Trump following his decision to cancel a trip to London, as well as his concurrent disdain for Mayor Sadiq Khan's public critiques of the Trump administration.

Mistabishi's racially charged comments have gotten him into hot water with fans, and he was subsequently dropped from Hospital Records.

"I'm a Londoner and would be thrilled to have The US President visit this city," Mistabishi tweeted. "Sadiq Khan isn't a real Londoner...."

The producer also exchanged comments with followers on Facebook, saying "Khan is a Sunni Muslim from a recent migrant family who achieved Mayoral office via a religious compulsion to vote for a Muslim mayor. England is not an Islamic theocracy. Khan is not an Englishmen. Khan is not a Londoner."

"My family can be traced back over a thousand years," he continues. "Just because some c--t wandered off a boat a few decades ago and had a child here doesn't automatically make them from here." The comments have since been deleted, but they were captured and shared by fellow U.K. bass producer CHIMPO and can be seen below.

Hospital Records made a public statement distancing itself from Mistabishi's comments. The company has removed his recordings from its back catalog and promised to donate all proceeds from Mistabishi records sold to the LoveMusic HateRacism charity.

Billboard Dance has reached out to Mistabishi's camp for comment. See the statements below.