Snails & Space Laces' 'Break It Down' Video Is Absolutely Insane Food Armageddon: Watch

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Snails and Space Laces featuring Sam King, "Break It Down"

You know fast food is bad for you, but back in May of 2017, in Snails and Botnek's music video for collaborative tune "Waffle House," the junk food grew jaws and struck back. People were brutalized by burgers and de-limbed by doughnuts. It was horrendous and playfully colorful, thanks to animation by Sauvage and direction from Spanish filmmaker Ernest Desumbila. It was a demonic, caloric reckoning, and when the video ended, only a few humans survived to continue the fight.

Now, the saga continues exactly where it left off -- and not just visually, but sonically as well. The "Waffle House" video teased a new dubstep melody, and now we know that melody was Snails' Space Laces collaboration "Break It Down" featuring Sam King. It's an even-more animated adventure wherein the eaters take their revenge -- a dish best served cold, or so we have heard.

The music video has a twist, but we won't give anything away. You have to watch this wildness for yourself.