Seth Troxler Compilation 'This Is Then' Celebrates His Decade in Europe

Marc Sethi
Seth Troxler

Ever wonder how Seth Troxler became such a well-versed techno selector? It's because he lives and breathes it -- literally. The man has taken up residence in all the genre's most important hot spots. At 14, he moved to its birthplace of Detroit, and soon after that, he followed his techno pals and moved to its European capitol Berlin. You've got to try hard not to come out on top with that sort of education.

It's been a decade since Troxler made his move to Germany, and he means to celebrate that 10 years with a special compilation release that tells his dynamic Berlin story through his productions that, in his eyes, have come to define the period of his life -- along with a few favorites, remixes and edits from some of his important friends and musical family. The compilation is called This Is Then, and its set for release this spring.

"This is a review of my work to date thus far," Troxler says. "It's really a compilation of highlights and a mark of 10 years in Europe. I'm proud of everything that has happened so far but am now moving into a new chapter, and looking to change things up."

Troxler will celebrate This Is Then with a first-come-first-serve free party in the Polish capitol of Warsaw Sunday, Jan. 14. Tickets are on sale now. Look out for This Is Then coming soon.