Didrick & Adam Young of Owl City Are 'Ready To Fly' With Debut Release on Monstercat's Instinct Imprint: Exclusive

Kira BlakerĀ 

New year, new Monstercat. The evergrowing independent label kicked off 2018 with an announcement that detailed the division of their upcoming releases into Uncaged and Instinct; the former encompassing its bass-fueled releases, inclusive of dubstep, trap and more, while the latter reflects label's evolution as it taps more into future bass, pop and other radio-friendly styles.

"The launch of our two new brands has evoked every emotion possible, with sheer happiness being the most powerful," says Monstercat's CEO and founder Mike Darlington. "Our community has quickly shown their understanding of Monstercat's ethos by embracing our largest change to date. This change will allow us to continue to evolve, while creating a more complete home for our artists across the board, while also creating an environment for unique experiences for every Monstercat fan." He continues, "This is only the beginning and I can't wait to share more."

Monstercat Instinct's debut release, "Ready To Fly", is a feel-good record by Didrick that radiates with blissful melodies and a youthful vocal -- courtesy of Owl City's Adam Young, who is best known for the outfit's chart-topping hit "Fireflies", as well as "Good Time" with Carly Rae Jepsen.

Didrick calls working with Young a "dream come true," adding, "I grew up listening to his music, and he's been a great inspiration to me ever since I got into producing music. For me, the song represents having the courage to believe in and follow your dreams -- to take that leap of faith, and to know that someone always has your back. Hopefully the song can inspire people to do just that."

Listen to "Ready To Fly" below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.