Marshmello Finds Cartoon Romance in 'Love U' Video: Watch

Marshmello "Love U"
Courtesy Photo

Marshmello, "Love U"

In Marshmello's last video "Take it Back," we watched as he brought a regular human girl to meet his parents over the holiday break. That was a little awkward, so for “Love U” -- a free tune first released on SoundCloud last summer -- the masked music man goes full cartoon and falls head over heels for a fellow confectionery.

He meets his sweetheart while DJing an ice-cream club, as candy selectors are want to do. They go for a ride on the town and frolic in the forest, but just when it seems true love is in his grasp, all goes awry.

The blinking neon visuals do right by the blissful, synth beat. “Love U” jumps in your ears like pop rocks. Check the video below, and see Marshmello’s official 2017 recap clip -- because he had a big year, thanks to you.