10 Best Dance Songs About Kissing

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Ah, making out. It's one of life's greatest pleasures. It's simple, it's easy and it costs you nothing -- or at least, that's the way it's supposed to work.

When you're ready to get on that comfy couch and do some good, old-fashioned kissing, you're going to want a romantic soundtrack. Dance music can be the rhythm that gets you in the mood, heats things up or slows things down. Whether you're looking for something hot and heavy or cool and collected, this list of songs about kissing will have you falling in love. Or, if you need, it can help you as you fall out of love. We don't judge.

Cashmere Cat – “Kiss Kiss”

This electronic beat is cute and explosive. It's playful and exciting, just like making out with your crush for the first time. Rockets blast off into a daydream breakdown. One minute, your head is in the clouds. The next, you're back to reality, desperate for more.

Arty – “Last Kiss”

From 2015's Glorious, “Last Kiss” lures fans with the warm sound of vinyl record static and a soft piano melody that seems to whisper in your ear. A steady beat gives the song backbone as it builds slow with background strings. It's anxious and calm at the same time, like the resolve of knowing your time with someone has come to an end, even as it breaks your heart.?

Cash Cash – “Kiss the Sky”

Excuse Cash Cash as they take a bit of inspiration from one of Jimi Hendrix's most famous lyrics. This song from 2013's Overtime EP is three-and-a-half minutes of rockin' good vibes. A chorus of female vocals chants over glitchy electronics to pump the track's energy to new heights. It's funky and bassy, full of fun texture work and, of course, a little bit of electric guitar.

The Knocks – “Kiss the Sky” feat. Wyclef Jean (Lophile Remix)

While we're on the subject of Hendrix inspo, here comes a fly cut from The Knocks and Wyclef Jean. The original is poppy and fun, but this remix from L.A.-based producer Lophile has us super duper lifted. It's got a cool, futuristic wonk to its mid-aught synth vibes. It's the kind of song we could put on repeat and kiss along to all night.

AlunaGeorge – “Last Kiss”

This singer-producer duo know how to turn up a groove, but this breakup anthem slows the tempo to flow like a tropical breeze. There isn't a lot of bass, just funky rhythmic guitar, cool electronic keys and kickin' percussion. It gives the song a lingering feeling and a sense of unease, even as it leads you to the dance floor.

La Roux – “Kiss and Not Tell”

You've heard “Bulletproof” and “In for the Kill” a million times, but this cut from 2014's sophomore LP Trouble in Paradise is bright, colorful bounce for the bad love that lures you. This is guilty-pleasure lovin', not that this song is anything to feel ashamed of.

Dakat – “Stolen Kiss”

Purse your lips and give the old pan flute a smooch. It never sounded so cool as it does over this candy-colored future jam from Parisian producer Dakat. The jumpin' beat gives dimension to hazy melodies crafted from chopped vocal samples and sunshine synths. Still, that pan flute is what's really bringing it all together for us.

Love X Stereo – “Thunder Kiss”

This synth-ridden deliciousness is hella '80s-inspired, but it actually came out on Love X Stereo's 2017 album 37B. It's delightfully starry-eyed with a beat that'll have you shuffling across the room to get to your lover. Annie Ko's cotton-candy voice is light and fluffy, the perfect match to Toby Hwang's pastel fever dream production.

Vengaboys – “Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine)”

Are you up for a bit of '90s Eurodance cheese? Of course you are, and Vengaboys are one of the best cutesy dance pushers in history. This is the kind of song that will either drive you insane or become your favorite kitschy go-to. It's got the perfect '90s house beat to make you feel all nostalgic for a more innocent time, even if it's a little devious in the lyrics.