Carnage Teases Tracks With Lil Pump, Mac Miller & MadeinTYO: Watch

Rick Kern/WireImage
DJ Carnage performs onstage during Mala Luna Music Festival at Nelson Wolff Stadium on Oct. 28, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

Gucci Gang + Chipotle Gang = Gang Gang. That's math, and it's also a soon-to-be-released reality.

Lil Pump got in the studio with Carnage, and the trap producer cooked up a right loud and spicy beat for the south Florida rapper to blast. The braided mumble MC shared a clip of himself dancing to the turn-up tune on Twitter, and it goes off like a right hook to the jaw. It's got the kind of bounce that makes you shake your beaded dreads, and Pump sounds like he's out to redline the sound board.

Carnage is working on a new album, and he's enlisting tons of rap talent for the project. He shared a video of himself in the studio with Mac Miller and MadeinTYO, two lyrical whiz kids ready to rock the mic over what sounds like a more muted composition. Carnage tells Billboard Dance that track is called "Learn How to Watch." It appears Carnage wants a variety of moods and tempos on the upcoming LP. 

Watch the two clips below, and look out for more information about Carnage's forthcoming album on Billboard Dance.