The 6 Best Remixes of DJ Snake & Lauv's 'A Different Way'

Miko Goncalves
DJ Snake

As DJ Snake's single "A Different Way," featuring Lauv, steadily climbs the charts and rakes in streams by the millions on Spotify, Billboard Dance decided to round up the best remixes of the record. 

From Kayzo's headbanging rendition to Beau Collins' simple, yet satisfying dancefloor rework on the song, there's something for everyone to enjoy. We included both official and unofficial remixes on this list, so we'll let you be the judge as to which one is the best. 

However, before we dive in, please watch the video below of DJ Snake and Lauv performing their collaboration in...a different way.

DJ Snake Feat. Lauv, "A Different Way" (Devault Remix)

Keep an eye on Devault. His left-of-center sound has begun catch the ears of many, including Spotify, who placed his "A Different Way" remix at No. 1 on mint, the biggest dance-centric playlist on the platform. 

DJ Snake Feat. Lauv, "A Different Way" (Kayzo Remix)

Kayzo is having his best year yet. 2017 has been filled with sold out shows, rail-riding bangers and big collabs. He ends the year on a high note with a bone-crushing remix that true bass heads will fully embrace. Skip to the drop and you're in for a ruthless and relentless treat.

DJ Snake Feat. Lauv, "A Different Way" (Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! Remix)

This tag-teamed remix starts off pretty with glimmering bells and choral vocals in the background. Lush, swelling chords soon emerge but are quickly overlaid by risers by pitch-bending vocals. Instead of going the Kazyo route though, Bro Safari and ETC!ETC! deliver a hip-swinging beat for the dancefloor. 

DJ Snake Feat. Lauv, "A Different Way" (Henry Fong Remix)

Henry Fong's "A Different Way" remix is built on big chords, and broken down by a trapped-out melody that has hints of Diplo's style in it. 

DJ Snake Feat. Lauv, "A Different Way" (Noizu Remix)


Noizu's quirky remake of the DJ Snake single is meant for your late-night after-party. Its minimal house beat is hard to not groove and side-step to. We suggest giving in to its hypnotic soundscape and going all out. 

DJ Snake Feat. Lauv, "A Different Way" (Beau Collins Remix)

Beau Collin's "A Different Way" remix is pretty straightforward but provides a fresh interpretation of the track. Sway to the big brass notes and add this one to your party playlist.