Wax Motif Soundtracks Your Sins on 'Forsaken' EP: Exclusive

Wax Motif
Jonathan Lee

Wax Motif

God may have forsaken the bass-riddled underground, but Wax Motif never will. His latest two-track Forsaken EP is as gritty, wubby and sweat-soaked as anything the Night Bass crew has ever heard. It marks the Australian-born producer's first release on the LA bass-house label, and it's guaranteed to get vampires doin' bat dances from dusk to dawn.

First up is the title track. "Forsaken" is a right snarling growler. Catholic choirs cast spells on the heathens who stare sex daggers across the dance floor. Watch your step, or the wobbly hook will have you falling in sin. "Mental" comes in strong with just as relentless a beat. It's a collaboration with Brazilian producer Ricci that pops and squirms under bass melodies, with a cool half-time break that'll turn b-boys into goths.

Forsaken follows Motif's international Tokyo EP on Tchami's Confessions label. It's out on Night Bass Friday, Dec. 15, but you can listen to both tracks in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.