3LAU Pens Handy Guide to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Nikko Lamere


"What is Bitcoin?"

To be a dance music fan at the end of 2017 feels like being in a science fiction novel. The producers make music in rooms full of wires, the DJs perform in glowing orbs of space and sound -- oh, and everyone can't stop talking about cryptocurrency.

RAC released his latest album on blockchain. Gramatik made himself the first tokenized artist and created his own digital currency. Gareth Emery started a new company to disrupt the music industry by cutting out labels and middlemen in a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-fueled publication-and-distribution platform called Choon. But hold on, what is Bitcoin again?  And what do all of these new words mean?

A producer of the people, 3LAU has penned a handy guide to cryptocurrency, aimed at arming you with all the basics so often overlooked by novice digicurrency users. The free, downloadable document outlines how you can invest your US dollars into cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to Litecoin and Ethereum. It outlines the differences of each, how to buy in, where to store your monies, and what issues you can expect to face in a really simple, straightforward step-by-step manner. It's like 3LAU is right there holding your hand, making sense of the the deep-web jungle.

He breaks down misconceptions, and gives you all you need to feel like a total expert. At the very least, you'll impress all your friends with your seemingly genius level of understanding of what Bitcoin is. Read it online.