How Latroit's Grammy Nominated Remix of Depeche Mode's 'You Move' Was Created: Watch

Ted Prescott


It all started in Detroit in the 90's, or so the tale goes according to former club promoter and current DJ/producer Latroit when speaking about his first time meeting Depeche Mode. "I was hired to throw the end of tour party for the infamous Depeche Mode / Primal Scream tour...I think Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson DJ’d that night..and I know I weaseled my way on to the decks that night as well…"

Fast forward to 2017 and Latroit's remix of Depeche Mode's "You Move" is up for a Grammy. 

"I grew up with Depeche Mode’s music," says Detroit native Latroit. "They were huge influence on me, so being asked to do a remix for them was a big deal to me.  Men who are heroes to me are going to hear my interpretation of their work. No pressure there, right? When I got the parts, i must have listened to the individual tracks for an hour...over and over, geeking out on the synth parts and vocal production." 

He continues, "My goal was to create a remix that made Depeche Mode feel like I understand their music, that Prince would have liked had he heard it, and that would work in a Tiga set. So...sparse, funky, playful and kind of dark, leaning heavily on the band’s original parts. I needed this remix to feel like a Depeche Mode song, y’know? A piece of music where the band’s legacy and composition were respected."

Latroit is up against some stiff competition this year including Four Tet, Adventure Club and Louie Vega who took home the Grammy in 2006 for best remixed recording. Listen to Latroit's interpretation of Depeche Mode's "You Move" below, as well as the making of it.?

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