Marshmello Comes Home to His Whole Mello Family in 'Take It Back' Video: Watch

Marshmello - Take It Back
Courtesy Photo

Marshmello, "Take It Back"

Meeting your significant other's family is always an anxious moment. It must be even harder if you're dating a Marshmello.

You instantly feel like an outsider among the puffy heads, and if the little cousins don't let you join in on coloring time, you'll turn into a ball of nervous energy and knock the whole house down. Luckily, your Marshmello is a sweety, and he's got the moves to turn that frown upside down.

All this awkwardness awaits in the official music video for “Take It Back,” Marshmello's latest feel-good house pop release. It's a return to his roots, with minimal vocals and emphasis on the electronics. It's his gift to you, just in time for the holidays.