Axwell & Ingrosso Shoot for the Stars With 'Dreamers': Listen

Domonick Sheldon
Axwell & Ingrosso

Head into the weekend with your head held high. If this week tried to bring you down, know that nothing can break your spirits, and Axwell & Ingrosso have the perfect feel-good tune to get you back on track.

"Dreamers" is a lot of uplifting chords and positive affirmations, a great follow-up to this year's earlier single of a similar message "Dream Bigger." Singer Trevor Guthrie is the wind beneath your sails. It kind of has a Coldplay sound to it, but the drop is classic Axwell & Ingrosso dance floor brightness.

It's actually a staggering 11th single from the group's album More Than You Know. Seems everything is a potential hit for these guys. Get your head in the clouds and listen to "Dreamers" below.