Delaney Jane Takes the Spotlight With 'HOWL': Exclusive Video

Nicole Davis 
Delaney Jane

Maybe Allen Ginsberg saw the greatest minds of his generation destroyed by madness, but this rising pop singer starves for a different kind of fix.

"HOWL" is Delaney Jane's wild call into the abyss of would-be romance. Its wild side is cool and tempered over a danceable beat and longing melodies. Angel-headed as she is, she's not-so-naked in a doomed wedding gown, though she frets with all the pained anguish of youth in the windy desert, contemplating some wrong turn or another.

The Toronto-based singer should sound familiar to dance fans. Jane has featured on tracks by Tiesto, Grandtheft, DVBBS & Shaun Frank, and this year’s Grammy-nominated Adventure Club, among others. "HOWL" was produced by Shaun Frank as well, lending the tune its instant catch appeal, as we'd expect from The Chainsmokers "Closer" co-writer.

"HOWL" is the debut single from a forthcoming solo EP. Details have yet to emerge, but "HOWL" is a taste to get you hooked. Check it out in the Billboard Dance exclusive music video below: