Unlike Pluto Embraces His Weirdness & Guitars on 'Nothing Wrong With Me': Exclusive

Sanni Riihimäki
Unlike Pluto

As Unlike Pluto embarks on a musical journey to be his truest self, the L.A.-based producer flexes his songwriting muscles. He recently spoke to Billboard Dance about his disinterest in standard dance compositions and how a trip down memory lane brought him back in touch with his rock 'n' roll roots.

His single "I Need a Win" put him in a place of vulnerability as he sang about battling his demons. Today, he shares his second sonic step forward with "Nothing Wrong With Me," a song about embracing your truest self, for better or worse.

"My childhood was a constant practice of trial and error, always trying to blend in -- to no avail," he says in an emailed statement. "With time, I realized that this weakness was my greatest strength, and that there is ‘Nothing Wrong With Me.’ With the whole project relaunch, I've tried to approach my music with that whole kind of 'I'm sick of trying to blend in musically' approach and instead of fitting 'in,' just try and be me. And like I said, there's 'nothing wrong with that.' I’m weird. I’m hyper. I’m relentless. I am me, and I'm just now figuring out how to show that in my music."

Heavy guitar strums start the trudging tune forward, followed closely by punchy vocals that add a bit of swing to the mix. There's a playful swagger to his delivery that feels somewhat defiant over the steady beat, like a mischievous kid who sticks his nose in the air at society's hammer, even as it keeps trying to peg his circle through a square.

"Nothing Wrong With Me" blends his dance-floor past with his guitar-laden future with a cool instrumental hook. It's instantly relatable to anyone who's been made aware of their "other"-ness, and it dares us all to embrace our stranger side. "Nothing Wrong With Me" is out on Proximity on Friday, but you can listen to it below, exclusively on Billboard Dance