Paul Oakenfold and Hunter S. Thompson Collaborate and Drink Absinthe in Graphic Novel Adventure: Exclusive

Paul Oakenfold
Scott Ramsay

Paul Oakenfold

Musicians tend to lead wild lives, and DJs may lead the wildest. They are the masters of the party. They conjure the musical magic spells that bring out the beasts in everyone else. They have a certain mystique, even more so in the early days of dance music culture. The late '90s were a kind of Wild West, as DJs were forging new paths on untamed dance floors the world over -- the legendary Paul Oakenfold being one of electronic music's greatest explorers.

Inspired by emotional, life-changing events on the White Isle of Ibiza, Oakenfold embarked on a game-changing career that saw him open for U2, collaborate with Hunter S. Thompson, and spread the gospel of dance music to a new generation. His tale is a long, twisting adventure of epic proportions, which makes it perfect fodder for a new series of music-inspired graphic novels from Z2 Comics.

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PERFECTO: WITH PAUL OAKENFOLD AND FRIENDS celebrates the 30-year anniversary of Oakenfold's first trip to Ibiza. It captures his rise to fame and fortune through "note quite true" stories, each maniacally-illustrated by a different artist. The bit about drinking absinthe with the famed Fear and Loathing writer was drawn by Ian McGinty of the comic WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE.

Billboard Dance is proud to exclusively present a sneak peek of that fabled meeting. Oakenfold met with Thompson to collaborate on a track, but what he got was a lot more than a topline. The end result was 2002's psychedelic spoken-word jam "Nixons's Spirit." If you're a Thompson fan, you're gonna like this.

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PERFECTO: WITH PAUL OAKENFOLD AND FRIENDS gets full release from Z2 Comics Tuesday, Dec. 12. You can read the full Thompson excerpt below, as well as watch the official trailer for the full comic, and listen to "Nixon's Spirit" Feat. Hunter S. Thompson.

Illustration by Ian McGinty