Skrillex Returns to From First To Last On New Track 'Surrender': Watch

Skrillex, 2017
Jas Davis 


The emo revival is having a real moment in the sun. Emo Nite in Los Angeles has only grown in popularity since it debuted in late 2014, and it celebrated three years strong with a crazy bill of performers at the Shrine Expo Hall and Grounds Sunday, Dec. 3. The Used was there, as was Machine Gun Kelly, and there was a special DJ set from three members of From First To Last, namely Matt Good, Travis Richter and Derek Bloom, none of whom are the band's lead singer-turned-superstar-DJ Sonny Moore -- aka Skrillex -- but they still let a new tune rip featuring the long-haired front man.

The original lineup has been in the studio together in 2017. Moore even took the stage with his old homies in February, the first time in 11 years. Good and the guys treated fans to a first-listen of a new single called "Surrender," and the response from the crowd was two thumbs up -- amid a rowdy moshpit, of course. The band shared the moment live on social media, and the clip was uploaded to YouTube by a fan. The quality is less than tasty, but you can tell it's an absolute thrasher, and Moore's vocals come in rather clear.

He sings bright and clear, belting out the one-word chorus with its instant sing-along potential. You might be able to make out all the words in the clip below. Will this lead to a proper release in 2018? Stay tuned.