Moogfest 2018 Celebrates Female, Non-Binary & Trans Musicians With 50-Artist Livestream: Watch

Madame Gandhi
Courtesy Photo

Madame Gandhi

Festivals like to talk diversity, but statistics show change is slow. In 2015, lineups at the largest dance music festivals in the country featured 10 percent women at best. HARD Summer 2017 made a big deal of its relatively female-heavy lineup, with 26 women out of 110 performers. Try to find non-binary or transgendered artists, and the numbers are pretty much zero.

Some might say that's less to do with exclusion and more to do with a lack of non-binary or transgender artists. Too bad that's not true.

Moogfest in North Carolina prides itself on forward-thinking values. It has a history of pushing political buttons, and in 2018, it wants to show other festivals how easy it is to gather great musical minds that break the cis-male mode by highlighting 50-plus female, non-binary and transgender DJs and electronic musicians.

Moogfest will celebrate these under-appreciated artists with Always On, a massive livestream that introduces the theme for this year's event. It will feature 50 hours of music from 50 international performers, Dec. 6 to 8, all of whom are female, non-binary or transgendered. It's a program hosted by Madame Gandhi, M.I.A.'s former drummer turned solo artist and activist.

“If we don't reclaim the narrative of our experiences, somebody else will write that narrative for us,” she says in the announcement video below. "More than likely, it's not a narrative that we're going to like.”

Moogfest returns to Durham, NC., May 18 to 21, 2018. Tickets are on sale now. You can tune in to the livestream via Always On live. Get familiar with the hard-working performers in the video below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.