DJ Snake Visits Bangladesh To Raise Awareness for Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Watch

DJ Snake
Miko Goncalves

DJ Snake

DJ Snake will use his platform as an international superstar DJ to raise awareness for nearly 1 million displaced Rohingya who have been forced from their homes in Myanmar into Bangladesh. They live in squalor in the largest refugee camp in the world, and the French producer is currently there, preparing for a live-stream to raise attention and resources to improve living conditions by providing food, education, medicine, clothing, shelter and more.

The Rohingya are a unique ethnic group that has been denied citizenship by law in Myanmar since 1982. The mostly Muslim, minority Hindu peoples have faced harsh crackdowns by Mynamar authorities over the decades, leading the United Nations to name the Rohingya one of the most persecuted minorities in the world in 2013.

The number of displaced Rohingya reached crisis levels in 2016, and the situation has only worsened. DJ Snake has teamed with the activist network Love Army to meet these refugees, speak with them and learn about their needs. He has already posted about the issue on social media, and will livestream among the Rohingya refugees in their camp, speaking to children about their experiences to raise money in an all-day event, on Tuesday, starting at 7 a.m. Parisian time, 1 a.m. ET.

He asks that everyone share the link and tag anyone with a voice who may be able to make a donation to the cause. Watch his video urging people for help via Twitter below.