Porter Robinson Announces Debut EP as Virtual Self

Porter Robinson, 2017
Steven Lawton/Getty Images

DJ/producer Porter Robinson poses during the 21st annual Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 18, 2017 in Las Vegas. 

While half the dance world tries to capture that Porter Robinson sound, the man himself is on to the next.

The celebrated Worlds producer cited his recent collaborative tour with longtime friend Madeon as a huge boost of inspiration, and that creativity comes to life in the form of Virtual Self, a new alias that blends house, happy hardcore, garage and techno into some kind of wonderful, nostalgic/futuristic brilliance.

He introduced the new sound with the DDR-esque "Eon Breaks" and soon followed that with the haunting groove of "Ghost Voices." Now, he announces a five-track EP featuring three yet-to-be released tracks, set for release Wednesday. The new tunes can be previewed now via the Virtual Self website. "A.I.ngel (Become God)" is a hyperactive dose of drums, bass and screeching synths that'll get '90s dance fans stomping in their Doc Martens. "Key" is a bright and bubbly stomper, while "Particle Arts" takes the heavy, happy hard-core style of "Eon Breaks" to new breakbeat dimensions.

The mysterious new project reeked of high-concept storytelling from the get. It's all presented in highly designed blue and black with a sense of sci-fi, techno-spiritualism. He gives the alias life with a strange, esoteric Twitter account, as well as branch-off accounts Pathselector and technic-Angel. The aliases seem to coincide with different vibes and feels in the sound, though the tracks will all be released on the same Virtual Self EP.

The website also features a hidden forum, where various, faceless avatars discuss Virtual Self's strange universe in cryptic, italic texts, which fans first witness in the "Eon Breaks" visualizer. It's very late '90s, early 2000s Web nerd stuff. If you were ever an anime kid relegated to surfing forums on AOL (which we can be almost 100 percent sure Robinson was), you're gonna get giddy.

Have fun exploring the bleeding edge of dance music on the Virtual Self website, and check the full tracklist below.