Kygo Talks Upgraded Headphones, New Equalizer App: Watch

Courtesy Photo


Kygo spends a lot of time listening to and creating music. His second album, Kids in Love, dropped earlier this month, and it pushes the boundaries of his sound into new realms across genres and styles. It's certainly in his best interest that you hear his hard work in hi-def quality, with all his tones and textures ringing as true to his intentions as possible. That's why he gathered a team to build his own headphones, specially-designed to meet his strict qualifications. 

"When I listen to music, I love to just immerse myself into the sounds and the details and the soundscape, just shut out the outside world," Kygo says in a recent video posted to YouTube. "To do that, I definitely need the best quality sound and headphones as possible."

Since first releasing Kygo Sound headphones in August 2016, the Norwegian musician has worked with specialists in bluetooth technology, plus visual and sound design to up the ante on his second round of product releases. The new gear brings more color options, improved sound, and a fun equalizer platform.

The Kygo Sound app links to your headphones and harnesses the power of frequency control in an easy to understand package that will delight even the most basic of music fans, while teaching them the foundation of professional-level production. It makes the tedious details of music creation more fun and simple.

The new products are on sale now, just in time for the holidays, at Learn more about the new headphones in the video below.