Flume Teases New Music in Video That Documents His First Time in Osaka

Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Flume performs during the Festival d'ete de Quebec on July 12, 2017 in Quebec City, Canada. 

There are two things we know are true; Osaka, Japan, is a busy city, and Flume is very talented. We knew these things before the "Never Be Like You" producer shared a highly-stylized clip of the location, as part of an upcoming series of tour videos that explore Asian markets through the lens of new and unreleased original Flume tracks, but both were once again confirmed by the series' first installment.

"Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing videos about all the cities I'll be visiting in Asia," the Australian producer explains via YouTube. "This is my first time traveling to Osaka. Excited to explore! We teamed up with Ta-Ku & Create Explore to make these videos (featuring some unreleased sounds by me) ahead of each visit. See you all soon."

The series is called "Road To," and its quick debut features stark, moody production with a dark and edgy vibe that hangs heavy in the slow-motion Osaka air. The night is lit by neon as Flume explores a more introspective sound. It's got to be an intro, and it's certainly got us excited to hear where it's going. After all, Flume has been one of the most influential producers of the last decade, helping invent the future bass and future pop styles so popular with his peers today.

Get a glimpse of the future from both Osaka's fashionable nightlife and Flume's forthcoming work below.