Dillon Francis, Common & More Musicians Stand For Net Neutrality

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Hey, you like surfing the web, right? Of course you do. You're reading this article, but imagine if in order to read this article you had to pay an extra fee? Or, imagine if your favorite blog shut down because it couldn't afford to pay higher prices for faster loading times?

As it exists today, the internet is a tier-less society. We can all share our voices and be heard for essentially the same cost (we won't get into Facebook algorithms today), but current legislation making its way around the House and Senate challenge that relative equality. Some would like to give internet service providers, for example Comcast or AT&T, the right to charge higher fees for faster loading times, which would give an advantage to bigger, richer companies, while making it harder for start-up sites, blogs and content creators to reach a growing audience.

Sure, Netflix has a lot of money, so your Stranger Things binge would probably go without a hitch, but that site you head to to hear new music? Each song could take minutes to load, and you're busy. To quote that woman from the house-fire meme: "Ain't nobody got time for that."

Musicians are up in arms about this, as are sensible internet-surfing citizens across the country. If you want to call, write, tweet or otherwise contact your congressional representatives to demand they protect Net Neutrality, here are some inspiration tweets from some of your favorite musicians to get you in the mood.

Dillon Francis


Smoke Purpp

Pearl Jam

Tommie Sunshine