Mura Masa, Jadu Heart Turn Up the Heat on Love-Weary, Sensual Lounge Groove 'U Never Call Me': Listen

Mura Masa

It's been four months since Mura Masa dropped his self-titled debut LP, and chances are you're still rockin' to "Nuggets" or "Love$ick" or at least one of its catchy dance-pop gems.

The producer's blend of tropical influence, UK house and modern pop has made him a name to remember, but he's already followed that sunshine sound with darker, more experimental elements. He dropped a jazzy, techno tune called "Untitled" a couple weeks after the album, and today, he gives us a sensual bedroom ballad to get you twisted up in your sheets.

"U Never Call Me" is definitely danceable, but it's more about the indoor mood than a big night out. This is for cozying up with someone cute, or for shuffling around the room pretending that someone cute is actually going to respond to your missed calls -- eventually. He linked up with Jadu Heart for whispered verses full of longing. 

It's a beautiful song that continues to display the young producer's diversity and talent. It's out now on Anchor Point Records. Check the official music video below.