Steve Aoki & Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Talk Teaming Up on the Self-Love Anthem 'All Night'

Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui
Brian Ziff

Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui

"She's very attentive to the detail. She's got those ears, she's got the sensibility and the vision, and I'm just totally inspired to be in the studio with her," says Aoki.

There's no denying Lauren Jauregui's excitement. The Fifth Harmony singer beams sunshine over the phone like a glowing cartoon character of a person. She's giddy with the exhilaration of watching her recent Steve Aoki collaboration, “All Night,” rocket up the charts and is likewise thrilled to see her hand-written lyrics come to life in the Twitterverse, as fans around the world turn her hook into a self-love hashtag. And, on this phone call with Billboard, she's coming down from the rush of filming the official music video, an experience she's quick to call “one of the best days of my life, hands down.”

“I got to work with an incredible director who really took my vision for the song and made it even better and even more art oriented,” she says. That director was Mike Harris and, while she doesn't want to ruin the surprise, Aoki promises nothing but boss-level behavior.

“Lauren looks bad ass in this video,” he adds as she giggles. “She's a super hero in it. She's got her style on, lookin' really good.”

“All Night” is a big occasion for both artists. It marks Jauregui's first single release as main songwriter and lead performer. It also heralds the producer's swing back from hip-hop style on his recent Kolony LP to the bright-light, electro-house grooves of his forthcoming Neon Future III album. It's a flashy vibe tempered by a very personal message of love and wanting, one the duo is excited to bring to life for crowds at Miami's Story nightclub during a special live performance this Friday.

The pair have become fast friends during the creative process. Introduced by their management teams, they “vibed super hard” and soon were swapping beats and talking track ideas.

“We agreed on this track with a delicate side,” Jauregui says, “but it wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I took it and rewrote most of the lyrics, wrote a bridge on it, vocal produced it, did all of the background and that kind of stuff.”

Aoki admits Jauregui brought new life to the club track, elevating its melodies with a vulnerability not often seen on the dance floor while maintaining the hook's earworm magic.

“She's got so many ideas and the problem is, they're all good,” Aoki laughs. “She's very meticulous. The attention to detail Lauren has is something I don't find in many people. She's very attentive to the detail. She's got those ears, she's got the sensibility and the vision, and I'm just totally inspired to be in the studio with her.”


Seeing as "All Night" represents a coming out for Jauregui's solo career, it's clear the track is particularly meaningful for the 21-year-old artist. It's her “baby,” she says, so the next-level reception from fans on social media has fuled her giddy overload. Even before the song came out, fans clogged her and Aoki's twitter streams with excitement. To celebrate the release, they started an organic hashtag, #LoveMyselfAllNight, where fans tweet selfies and tell others how Jauregui's lyrics have helped them on their journey to greater self confidence. It's a beautiful cycle that in turn boosts the singer's own courage, pushing her to follow hew newfound voice down further creative roads.

Not to worry, Fifth Harmony fans. Jauregui says she has no plans of branching off on a solo stroll any time soon, but she has found a new inner strength. And, with your help, she and Aoki will ride the wave all night long and beyond.